Baby Shower word search cutter and embosser set


Add some fun to a Baby Shower with this word search cutter and embosser set.

Word Search Board – 10cm in height x 7.5cm wide (at widest part)

Word list cutter and embosser – 4.5 cm in height x 6 cm wide (at widest part)
Words for search are – Nappies, Cot, Dummy, Mum, Crying and Love

All embossers come with a handle for ease of use and firm even pressure
Recommended cookie dough thickness 8mm however Cutter has 15mm of cutting depth
Recommended Fondant thickness 3-4mm


MATERIAL: Our Cookie Cutters and Embossers are made from high quality, Australian made, PLA+ manufactured from pure raw ingredients not recycled plastics. This complies with the Australian and FDA standards, including the Dyes used.
CARE AND CLEANING: Cutters and Embossers are only suitable for a warm handwash, with a soft brush if required. Careful attention is required for small details. After washing, dry the Cutters and Embossers immediately as prolonged exposure to water will damage Cutters and Embossers. Our Cutters and Embossers are not dishwasher safe and may distort or soften at temperatures above 55 deg.
STORAGE AND HANDLING: Keep in a cool, dry place. Store away from heat or direct sunlight. Do not heat, put in the microwave, dishwasher or oven.
PRODUCTION AND QUALITY: All our Embossers and Cookie Cutters are produced using a process of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). 3D printing allows fast, in-house design and quick dispatch of orders. Quality is maintained by inspection of Cutters and Embosser both after printing and before packaging, to ship to you the best quality product.


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